Real agile

May 1st, 2012

I heard about agile about five years ago for a first time and  I started practicing different agile methodologies (mainly SCRUM based) about four years ago.

Just as a side note. “Agile methodology” is an oxymoron. If it’s methodology and you have to follow it whatever happens then you aren’t agile and if it’s agile than you shouldn’t try to define rules written in stone (methodology).

And only now, after 4 years of doing different Agile But, I finally started to work in a real agile environment.

I believe there are two core reasons, why company practices Agile But:

- A company does agile just because it’s a new cool thing and the company wants to get another boy stout badge for being kind-of Agile.

- Some engineers are frustrated that releases are always late and their buts got kicked as result of that.

These are WRONG reasons to do agile. In both cases it’s seen as just another initiative. A lot of people thinks – “oh… well. if it help that’s fine, if it won’t help – not a big deal”. As result, most likely no resources will be allocated to it, no serious changes will be done.

I think,real agile can come only from the top of the company. As soon as owners of the company understand that

- The world is complex thing and any assumptions needs to be checked (the faster the better)

- Resources are very limited and it’s absolutely critical to do most essential stuff first

They formulate very simple idea – being Agile (especially for a startup company) isn’t just another initiative, but rather live or die decision.

Immediately as soon as you decide that’s critical you will know the answers to questions like  why do we need short releases, automating testing, automation builds, get functionality to real Done state, constant prioritization, fighting technical debt and so on. It just sets number of additional positive constrains which pushes you  into correct direction.

Looking for a Android open source developer

April 19th, 2012

SpydrSafe Mobile Security Inc. is developing a solution to make Android more secure and to enable the use of employee-owned devices in the workplace.

We are looking for a senior programmer to conduct research and develop prototypes related to Android security at all levels of the Android stack.

You must have the following skills to qualify for this job:

- Passionate about solving complex low-level problems (any OS platform)
- 1+ year of Android development
- 3+ years of Java experience
- 3+ years of C/C++ experience
- 5+ years of overall software development experience

The following skills are not required but are considered a plus:

- Knowledge of Android operaint system source code (AOSP) – big plus
- Experience with open source
- Experience with Linux internals
- Experience in mobile development (e.g. iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile)

Why mobile device management doesn’t matter

April 17th, 2012

Here is the article written by our CTO.

It takes three roles to create a startup

April 14th, 2012

You need to have three roles in a startup:

- Businessman

He/she should be all about money – make sure that there is enough money, track cashflow,  kick everybody asses to bring in the revenue.

- Visionary

This person should think strategically – where do we want to be, what problem do we want to solve, how could the company be the best in what it’s doing.

- Builder

This person is all about tactic – choose a next step and just do it.


You don’t have to have three actual persons. One person can wear several hats, but without a doubt founders should cover all three roles between them.