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Saturday, November 1st, 2014

I just finished 7 day startup by Dan Norris. I like this book. It gives you a step by step plan how to launch in 7 days. I would really recommend reading it (especially for somebody who struggled to launch and stuck in “wantrepreneur” land).

Another book which I would recommend to read is Traction by Justin Mares. I wish I had this book 12 years ago when I have started my first startup. It gives a great overview of all kind of channels to get sales and sets up great framework how to explore these channels and  ultimately get some traction.

And as a final note. There is video of Stanford entrepreneurial classes.  It has a dozen of 45 minutes lectures from people who successfully built startups. I would say that content is quite uneven. Some of speakers were amazing (giving interesting info, explaining both pitfalls and shortcuts) and some wasn’t that interesting. Overall, it’s must watch series.